Tehran (IP) - Iran Health Minister says that a research contract with the "University Jihad" would be signed for further progress of gene therapy in Iranian medicine.

Iran Press / Iran news: Bahram Einollahi, Iranian Health Minister, on Wednesday evening visited an expo of capabilities and achievements of the Academic Institue of "Jahad Daneshgahi" in the year 1400 (1400 AH in Persian calendar equivalent to years of 2021-2022.

"Jahad Daneshgahi" or Academic Jihad, which literary means Academic Movement, is the Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research (ACECR), an Iranian public, non-governmental higher education institution established in 1980.

ACECR expo is being held in the Park of Dialogue in Western Tehran.

Iranian Health Minister said that medical science would move towards treatments such as gene therapy in the future. For achieving further progress in these fields in Iranian medicine, a research contract with the University Jihad will be signed.

The Minister of Health and Medical Education of Iran added: "Although today in the world there has been a change in the treatment of diseases, but in Iran, drug treatment is still done, which is a traditional habit."

Bahram Einollahi said that today's drug trade is the second largest world, and pharmaceutical companies are not interested in using other treatment methods.

The Minister of Health and Medical Education added: "New treatment methods in Iran in centers such as the" Royan institute "have made good progress.

Iran's Minister of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education said: "Millions of dollars are spent on medicine in Iran, but non-pharmaceutical methods can be very effective as a new method in treating diseases."

Bahram Einollahi emphasized: "Iran has an excellent status in terms of medicinal plants and is considered a reference for many medicinal plants in the world.


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