Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a message on Wednesday condoled the martyrdom-like demise of the late Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Yemen Hassan Irlou.

Iran PressIran News: Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the late ambassador Irlou as "a competent Mujahid".

Ayatollah Khamenei condoled with Irlou's family members, friends, and those with the same ideals during the various phases of his long-time endeavors.

"His proud-inspiring file is a combination of political efforts, diplomatic endeavors, and social work. His two brothers had before him reached the grand status of martyrdom. May God’s blessings shower this Mujahid brother, and his patient, sagacious and selfless family," concluded the Leader.

The 63-year-old Iranian Ambassador to Yemen returned to Tehran due to COVID complications and passed away on December 21, 2021.