The 17th Astana Process meeting on Syria was attended by delegations from Iran, Russia, Turkey, Syria, and delegations from Lebanon and Iraq.

Iran PressIran news: During the meeting, various Syrian issues were discussed, including the situation in Idlib and southern Syria, the formation of the seventh session of the constitution, the Israeli aggression against Syria, the US withdrawal from Iraq and Syria, and the follow-up to the Russian delegation's visit to Tehran.

The preservation of Syria's sovereignty and the withdrawal of the US troops from the Syrian soli were emphasized in the meeting. 

On the first day of the Astana talks meeting, the Iranian delegation also met with the Turkish delegation.

The need for the continuation of the Syrian Constitutional Committee until the achievement of the desired goals and the review of new plans of interest to the parties and the need to deepen and consolidate the Astana Process talks were discussed in the Iranian-Turkish meeting. 

The issue of Syrian refugees and the need to pave the way for their voluntary return to increase trust inside Syria were addressed.

Also in the meeting, reducing the problems of migrant-hosting countries, as well as expressing concern about the resumption of ISIS activities in the region and the need to confront it were among the other topics discussed.

The 16th round of Syrian Astana Process talks was held in Nur-Sultan of Kazakhstan, where Iran, Russia, and Turkey stressed the continuation of cooperation for uprooting terrorism in Syria.

In a statement, Iran, Russia, and Turkey are determined to oppose separatist plans in the east of the Syrian Euphrates.

The Astana Summit was scheduled to be held in Tehran at the beginning of 2022. 219