Vienna talks

Vienna (IP) – Negotiating with the P4+1 in Vienna, the Iranian team has provided other sides with detailed proposals while the Europeans insist that they return to capitals to buy themselves time.

Iran PressEurope: Contrary to the forecast of some negotiating parties, especially European teams, the Iranian team has attended the Vienna talks putting perfect offers to achieve tangible results. The proposed texts of Iran are accurately and in full compliance with the provisions of the 2015 agreement.

Iran's Chief Negotiator in Vienna, Ali Bagheri-Kani, told reporters that European parties were not satisfied with some of Iran's proposals, while the Iranian proposals "are developed based on joint foundations between the two sides and the Europeans did not protest that these proposals were unrelated; but they said the proposals did not comply with their views."

Meanwhile, Britain, France, and Germany negotiators are surprised in the face of the comprehensive draft of Iran and try to disturb the negotiations by postponing the talks.

Europeans are only pursuing US demands as their plan, but the Iranian team's comprehensive approach has faced three European countries lacking decision-making.

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European negotiators surprised by Iran's pragmatic proposals

The new Iranian negotiating team eliminates sanctions and implements legal obligations based on the 2015 agreement.

While Europe's weakness in making decisions in the face of Iran's proposed draft is exposed, they are struggling to buy time through media propaganda.

Leaving for Tehran on Friday, Bagheri-Kani stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran expects the other parties to provide documented and reasonable response to Iran's proposed draft.

The new Vienna talks on lifting sanctions commenced on Monday (November 29th) in the Austrian capital.

The delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Vienna submitted two of its proposed documents in the form of two issues: "The lifting of oppressive sanctions and the nuclear issues."


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