Tehran (IP) - Iran could not remain indifferent to the Afghan people's livelihood conditions amid the cold season, stresses the Spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Iran PressIran news: With regards to the recent visit of the President's Special Representative to Afghanistan, Saeed Khatizadeh said on Monday the envoy's trip to the neighboring country aimed to hold talks with all the Afghan parties including the Taliban. 

Khatibzaedeh recalled that the people of Afghanistan were in dire straits due to the economic pressures, the onset of the cold season, and their living conditions, stressing that the Islamic Republic cannot be indifferent to the displaced in Afghanistan".

"Despite all the difficulties, we tried to keep the routs and interactions open, and this trip was a continuation of these interactions at different popular levels; we will stand by the people of Afghanistan," he said. 

The spokesman highlighted the ganger of terrorist groups, particularly ISIS, for the future of Afghanistan, reiterating Iran's stance that the ruling Taliban is responsible to maintain security in the country and protect the people. 

He expressed hope that cooperation between the two countries would continue to make better days for Afghanistan. 


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