Iran Interior Minister

Tehran (IP) – Iran's Minister of Interior criticizes the European countries' ingratitude toward Iran for efforts have been made to prevent the entry of drugs to this continent and fight against drug trafficking.

Iran PressIran News:  In response to Iran Press on Tuesday, Ahmad Vahidi noted that after the US aggression to Afghanistan, the production and export of narcotics increased in this country, but no country held the US accountable for this crime.

Vahidi said: "Iran should not fight against drugs, alone. Other countries should also help, and it is also possible to help people who fight against drugs by setting up a fund."

The Iranian minister made the remarks on the sidelines of the meeting with resident ambassadors and heads of international organizations with Iran's Judiciary chief on Oct. 9, 2021.

Iran second host for migrants across the world

He noted that it is possible to destroy narcotics farms in Afghanistan and instead develop agriculture, and by doing so, Afghans would not emigrate.

Pointing out that Iran is the second-largest host to migrants globally, Vahidi said that about 3.5 million Afghan refugees live in Iran, asking why no one helped the Afghan people prevent them from migrating. 

"Still, Iran's borders are open to immigrants," the minister said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said Iran's Interior Ministry is responsible for providing internal security and countering drug trafficking, organized crimes, smuggling, and terrorist activities.

The Iranian Interior Minister called for the collaboration of other countries to present their solutions should be provided to address these issues.205

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