Zahedan (IP) – Deputy Commander of Iran's Army Air Defense announced that the UAVs operation in the Zulfiqar-1400 joint military drills was successfully completed.

Iran PressIran News: The operation included various types of long-range and short-range UAVs, UAVs with reconnaissance and intelligence collection missions and systems evaluation and target UAVs.

On the sidelines of the Zulfiqar-1400 joint military drills, Brigadier-General Alireza Elhami also told reporters that the 'Khordad 15' air defense system had successfully hit its intended target in the strictest possible conditions for the system.

He also spoke about air defense scramble and said: "Scramble is one of the main tools at the disposal of air defense to deal with the threat; over the past few years, in order to reduce costs and better manage the battlefield alongside the powerful air defense fighters, a scramble of Iran's UAV capacity has been created and today it is at the disposal of the air defense."

The Zulfiqar-1400 joint military drills, which began its preliminary stages last week, has entered its main stages since Sunday.

The drill is underway using a part of the combat capability of the land, naval, air, and defense forces in a large area from the east of the Strait of Hormuz to Pasabandar on the Iran-Pakistan border and at sea up to 10 degrees north and part of the Red Sea.


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