The United Nations High Commissions for Refugees (UNHCR) said in a report that 3.5 million people have been displaced in Afghanistan because of conflict and insecurity.

Iran PressAsia: Expressing concerns over the situation of internally displaced people in Afghanistan, the UN agency added that efforts are underway to assist the displaced people before winter approaches.

The report says: “Conflict and insecurity have displaced 3.5 million Afghans inside the country, including some 700,000 forced from their homes so far this year. UNHCR is rushing to provide winter assistance to some 500,000 displaced Afghans, returnees, and local host communities by the end of 2021.”

Meanwhile, homeless families at a Kabul camp complained about their living conditions as the cold weather approached.

Gul Mohammad, a displaced person, said: “A rocket hit our house, one of my relatives was killed and my son was injured, we have nothing now to go back home with, even the cost of transportation.”

Displaced people are urging the international community to provide them with immediate humanitarian assistance.