Tehran (IP) - The exhibitions "Human Search of Resources" and "Death in Salt" opened at the National Museum of Iran.

Iran PressIran News: According to Iran Press News Agency, the exhibitions " Human Search of Resources" are excerpts from the works of the German Mining Museum in Bochum, and "Death in Salt" are works from the Chehrabad Salt Mine in Zanjan.

Officials from Iran and Germany were present at the opening ceremony of the two exhibitions.

In the exhibition of the works of the German Mining Museum, 200 works from 20 countries of the world and in the exhibition of death in salt, 150 works from the Achaemenes period to the contemporary period have been displayed.

"Iran has always been an important country for me and today I am very happy to be in Tehran and to attend the official opening ceremony of this exhibition," said Stefan Buchwald, the German Deputy Ambassador to Iran, at the opening ceremony of the two exhibitions.

Also, Ali Darabi, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Handicrafts of Iran said at the opening ceremony: "The cultural heritage of any country shows the creativity, civilization, knowledge and efforts of the men and women of that country who have formed the foundations of civilization. The heritage of thousands of years that has been passed down to today's generation is the pride of human society."

This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Iranian and German archaeologists, which began in 2017.


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