The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced on Wednesday night that the Vienna talks aimed at lifting the illegal US sanctions against Iran will begin on Monday (November 29th).

Iran PressIran News: The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Bagheri wrote on Twitter: "In a telephone conversation with Enrique Mora, the European Union deputy foreign policy chief, it was agreed to start negotiations on the abolition of illegal and inhumane sanctions against Iran on November 29 in Vienna."

The European Union (EU) in a statement said that the meeting of the Joint Commission would be resumed in Vienna on November 29 and that participants would continue consultations on the full and effective implementation of the agreement.

According to the European Union, the meeting will be held at the level of deputies and political directors of the Iranian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the 4+1 group

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran had previously stressed on Twitter that Iran is determined to negotiate a full and effective lifting of oppressive and illegal sanctions, to ensure the normalization of trade and economic relations, while providing credible safeguards for further non-compliance.

So far, six rounds of talks have been held with the aim of returning the United States to the JCPOA  in Vienna, with the participation of the remaining countries in the agreement. 219