Donald Trump is trying to block documents including call logs, drafts of speeches and notes from his chief of staff relating to the 6 January Capitol attack.

Iran PressAmerica: Former US President Donald Trump is trying to block documents including call logs, drafts of remarks and speeches and handwritten notes from his chief of the staff relating to the January 6 Capitol insurrection from being released to the committee investigating the riot, the National Archives revealed in a court filing early Saturday.

According to US media, Trump has sued to prevent the National Archives from transmitting those documents, and thousands more, to the House committee investigating the attack. The US President Joe Biden declined to assert executive privilege on most of Trump’s records after determining that doing so is “not in the best interests of the United States.”

On January 6, an armed mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in an attempt to stop the certification of Biden’s election victory. Trump was impeached by the Democratic-led House on a charge he incited the riot but was acquitted by the Republican-led Senate.

At least six people were killed and dozens more were injured in the attack.