Iran - Saudi Arabia economic relations kicked off

Tehran (IP) - Chief of Iran Export Confederation said that Iran's economic relations with Saudi Arabia have begun, and the first ship carrying Iranian goods has docked in a Saudi port."

Iran PressIran News: In an interview with Iran Press, Mohammad Lahouti said: "Political interactions also affect economic cooperation, and reducing tensions will lead to more activities in neighboring markets."

The head of the Export Confederation of Iran said: "Of course, regarding trade relations with neighboring countries, banking and trade relations have faced problems that will be resolved." 

Mohammad Lahouti added: "In the export market, we need to recognize the needs of neighboring countries. For example, agricultural goods, processing industries, and consumer goods are exported to Iraq and Afghanistan, but for export to a country like Pakistan, in addition to the mentioned goods, petrochemical products must be concluded.

Mohammad Lahouti predicted that in the next six months, trade with ECO countries would be expanded.

The head of the Export Confederation of Iran said: "Iran's membership in the Eurasian treaty also causes the supply of raw materials with lower tariffs for Iranian industries, which will have positive effects on the Iran economy."

Mohammad Lahouti added: " With the improvement in the border markets, by creating jobs, it is possible to prevent the phenomenon of smuggling goods."


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