Moscow (IP): Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, arrived in Moscow on Sunday evening at the official invitation of General Sergey Shoygu, Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, at the head of a high-ranking military delegation.

Iran Presscommentary: The development of cooperation and joint defense and military relations, the fight against terrorism, and reviewing the regional and international developments will be among the topics discussed by the Iranian delegation with the Russian side. The visit will focus on Afghanistan in particular. The process of cooperation for the full security of Syria will also be discussed in these consultations.

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Iran and Russia have held important meetings in Tehran and Moscow on a regular basis and in accordance with regional needs. The two countries also have a strategic plan for developing military cooperation.

Iran-Russia military and defense relations are of multifaceted importance due to the impact of this cooperation on the stability and security of the region. In fact, regional and international conditions have put Iran-Russia relations, especially in the last decade, on the path of strategic goals. The multifaceted nature of Iran-Russia relations has been important in regional issues such as the fight against terrorism, helping to resolve regional crises and conflicts in Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan. 

From the point of view of analysts and political observers, the cooperation between Iran and Russia has played an effective role in ensuring security and strengthening defense convergence in the face of common threats. While the existing potentials in the Caspian Sea, Eurasia, and the North-South International Corridor have doubled the importance of Iran-Russia relations. 

"Iran and Russia are under the toughest US sanctions because they do not want to succumb to Washington's imperialist policies," said Vladimir Evseev, executive director of Russia's CIS Institute.

This Russian analyst added: "For Tehran and Moscow, this means a common destiny in the international arena, as well as the greatest opportunity to sign treaties that guarantee the union of the two countries."

In the current situation, due to the escalation of current tensions in West Asia, the need for continuous consultation between Iran and Russia to help resolve the problems and counter Washington's unilateral policies has increased.

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The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, arrived at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport on Sunday.

He was officially welcomed by Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Federation Sergei Istrakov.

Along with Istrakov, a group of high-ranking Russian generals, including Iran's ambassador to Moscow, Kazem Jalali, attended the welcoming ceremony.

Bagheri visits Moscow at the head of a high-ranking military delegation to develop cooperation with the Russian Federation.

General Bagheri's visit to Russia comes at a time when developments in the South Caucasus and Afghanistan have raised concerns in the region. In these special circumstances, Iran and Russia are determined to counter-terrorism in the context of strategic cooperation in the region, and this is an important decision to protect the common good against common threats. 

From this point of view, the visit of General Bagheri to Russia is in line with strategic goals and to maintain collective stability and security in the region. These indicators show the determination of Iran and Russia as effective actors in maintaining regional stability and cooperation. Given these components, as well as Iran's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization; Strengthening Iran-Russia relations in the military and defense fields can be considered effective in two ways: 

The first aspect: Strengthening security convergences and strategic military relations due to the importance of this cooperation in strengthening stability and security of the region.

The second aspect: The development of relations between the two countries is in the field of defense and armaments cooperation.

Therefore, General Bagheri's visit to Moscow should be considered important due to the issues at the bilateral level and in the context of current developments in the region, as well as the special circumstances created in Afghanistan after the disgraceful US withdrawal from this country.


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