Iranian farmers grow new brand of rice which is nuclear and it is called "Rowshan".

Iranian experts successfully developed special kind of  nuclear rice called "Rowshan".According to agricultural experts The brand new product could yield more than 8-9 tons of rice which is also share the same fine quality of known brands of rice such as "Taremi".The brand new seed has been develop thanks to radiation technology.It  can really serve as the best motivation specially when some of the local farmer gradually   left their homeland to find an easier job than planting  rice which is arduous work.

The Iranian experts at the Tabarestan research center  in Mazandaran province have been working on this project for 9 years.

Some of the farmers agreed to plant the seed for the first time .They are now satisfied with the result in that in  a rather short period of time they could have much products which  seem affordable .Therefore it can be considered as the best way ti increase the income of the  farmers. Compared with other rice brand it can bee seen that the it is much better .The product has been called Rowshan after martyr Mostfa Rosahn who was one of Iranian nuclear   scientists  to commemorate his achievements .May his soul rest in Peace .

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always  sought to follow peaceful   nuclear  activities. How ever the country has been repeatedly  sanctioned  by the  United States.