On Friday, US forces again violated the Syrian sovereignty and international law as a new convoy of 56 trucks carrying military equipment and logistics entered Syrian territory from northern Iraq.

Iran Press/Middle East: The US convoy is said to have crossed the al-Waleed crossing into Syria's al-Hasakah to strengthen its illegal bases in the northeastern provinces of Syria.

Media outlets affiliated with terrorist groups and the Syrian opposition say the United States has recently sent dozens of trucks carrying weapons and military equipment to northeastern Syria.

Al-Hasakah province is occupied by US troops and the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who are usually Kurdish militias that have been equipped and armed in recent years under the pretext of fighting ISIS.

The US military has occupied most of the oil fields in the eastern region of Syria and is stealing oil by strengthening its presence there.

The US steals oil and underground resources in the Syrian Jazira region and strengthens the presence of its occupying forces in this country. 219

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