Ilam (IP) - Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Ilam province on Friday as his fourth provincial trip.

Iran PressIran news: Upon arrival at Ilam International Martyrs Airport on Friday morning, the President was welcomed by Hojjatoleslam Karimi, the Supreme Leader's Representative to the province, and the Friday Prayer Imam of Ilam, the governor-general, and local officials.

Meeting with the elites and intellectuals of the province, attending the meetings of the Administrative Council and unannounced visits to some areas of the province are among the most important plans of the President.

Speaking on Friday at Ilam Airport, Ebrahim Raisi said, "The entire Iranian nation owes a lot to the people of Ilam province and the province has been at the forefront of the battlefields of the right against the wrong."

The President pointed out: "The people of Ilam province heroically stood against the enemies and sacrificed many martyrs to the Islamic Revolution, and we cherish the memory of all of them."

Emphasizing that this trip is taking place after the experts' visit and reviewing the conditions of the province, Ayatollah Raisi said: "Ilam province has great capacities in different sectors, especially having efficient and young human resources, and can have significant developments in different fields of agriculture, tourism, and industry."

Referring to the proximity of Ilam province with neighboring countries, Raisi said: "In this regard, by activating border markets, the province's border exchanges can be expanded along with increasing exports."

The President noted: "I hope that during this trip, various and important decisions will be made for the development of the province."

Ayatollah Raisi also apologized to the province's people for not being able to visit and attend their glorious gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Raisi also considered traveling to Ilam province during the days that belong to the holy existence of Aba Abdullah Al-Hussein (AS) and the days of pilgrimage to the shrine of Imam Hussein (AS).

Raisi also visited the Kanjan Cham-Dam.


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