Raisi emphasizes on role of education, teachers in sustainable development

Tehran (IP) - Referring to the importance of the position and role of the Supreme Council of Education in expert examination of important issues in this field and deciding to solve problems and promote the status of education in society, the President stressed the first step in the Supreme Council of Education should be the pathology of this council and identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on Monday at the first meeting of the Supreme Council of Education in the 13th government, Ebrahim Raisi stressed the importance of the role and position of education in the society and education of the future generation of the country, stating: "What is necessary for human life and excellence is institutionalized in education."

Raisi described the Supreme Council of Education as the best place to discuss issues related to this field and the best advisory position for discussing bills related to education, adding: "Another important point that should be considered is to know what is the relationship of the Supreme Council of Education with higher decision-making bodies such as the Expediency Council, the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution." The head of the Supreme Council of Education stated that the council is in charge of law enforcement policy in the field of education and said: "Any issue related to education should first be reviewed in this council and then be sent to higher institutions for decision-making."

The President said: "The Supreme Council of Education must relinquish trivial subjects and pay attention to more important issues."

Raisi said that the Supreme Council of Education members are the best people to provide expert and specialized advisory opinions in this field and added: "This council is a good theoretical and expert support to study issues and provide solutions to solve the problems of education in society." Stating that education can guarantee the sustainable development and future of the country, the President stressed the government's special attention to this area and added: "There is no doubt that the focus of education is 'teacher' and their dignity, skills, and livelihood should be considered."

Referring to the teacher ranking, he said: "In relation to teacher ranking, the principle is to increase their quality and skills, and the issue of finances and livelihood is only one of the issues to be considered."

In another part of his speech, the President pointed out the importance of implementing the document of Fundamental Transformation in Education and said: "We use all the experiences of the world and we have no limits in this field, but we have our own document writing and we should not pursue the implementation of a document that we have not played a role in compiling and that are not in accordance with the beliefs and culture of our country."

Raisi also emphasized: "The position of education in the country's planning and budgeting system should be defined and we should solve the problems of teachers' livelihood once and for all so that the main issue of our education is not the issue of finance and livelihood."


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