Al-Harir military base must be closed : Maj. Gen. Baqeri

Tehran (IP) – Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces says the American Al-Harir military base in Iraq is a den of conspiracy against Iran that must be closed.

Iran PressIran news: At a ceremony honoring and introducing the former and new deputy chief of staff of the Armed Forces, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri stated: "We will not tolerate the Al-Harir base in our borders where meetings are held against Iran."

He added that the US must leave the base, and this is just begun.

Referring to Iran's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO), he noted that Iran would develop its defense relations with SCO.

Al-Harir airbase is located at Erbil Airport and recently US troops are expanding the Al-Harir base in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Iraqi defense intelligence sources say that the expansion of the base includes the construction of underground shelters and several warehouses.

The move is despite the decision of the Iraqi parliament to withdraw foreign troops from the country.

The US base at Erbil Airport in Iraq has been targeted several times by rockets and drones in recent months.


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