Tehran (IP)- The Deputy Chief of the Army Air Defense for Operations announced that in due time, the excellent news about the following models of the 'Bavar 373' system would be published by high-ranking army officials.

Iran PressIran news:  Bavar 373 is a domestically-built long-range mobile air defense system developed after the UN Security Council passed a resolution banning the sale of advanced weapons to the Islamic Republic, which in turn suspended Iran’s purchase of the Russian S-300.

The actions of Iran's integrated air defense network in recent years in detecting, controlling, and finally destroying the attacking planes, including the Hermes UAV, belonging to the Israeli regime and the US Global Hawk drone in the space of our country has proved the capability and authority of Iran's air defense to the world.

This has been achieved while our country has been under the most severe sanctions for over 40 years, especially in the military field, but nevertheless, with the measures taken by the officials in this field, today Iran is one of the top powers in the world in the field of air defense.

Regarding the reasons for the growth and authority of Iran's air defense network to respond to threats, Brigadier General Khoshghalb in an interview published on Saturday said: "The army air defense force has had a significant growth in terms of quantity and quality in various dimensions and in different areas compared to the past few years."

This growth and promotion, especially in combat capability and operational and combat readiness, has been rapid and impressive, the top general noted.

"Manpower and equipment are two important and influential components in the operational and combat readiness of air defense, and in both areas of predicting, planning and foresight, are on the agenda of the army air defense force."

As the official highlighted, in both of these components, quantitative and qualitative planning and the existence of special plans have led the air defense to achieve a desirable, sustainable, and growing development with balanced and scientific growth.

Khoshgalb went on to say: "In the field of equipment in quantitative and qualitative dimensions, especially during the past year, we have witnessed a logical and acceptable surge in improving the combat capability that new equipment has entered the operational cycle of the force with new technologies."

"In mission areas, we use various equipment and systems, including detection, reconnaissance, combat, intelligence, drones, cyber, and with the latest technologies in the world and above the edge of technology," the top general stated.

Air defense has a favorable situation in the variety and multiplicity of impact-oriented equipment, he stressed, noting, "Combined and hybrid use of equipment in operational and technical planning is on the agenda of the force, all of which is to enhance our capabilities and create an atmosphere of ambiguity and confusion in the strategic, operational and tactical calculations of the enemy."

The Deputy Chief of the Army Air Defense for Operations also referred to the unveiling of a new model of the Bavar 373 system and considered it much more advanced than his own class systems.

"Bavar 373 system is one of the strategic systems, ie its strategic effects are far greater than its tactical effects, because both the depth of discovery, the depth of conflict and conflict with several targets and its remoteness are important."

At present, Bavar 373 system has a meaningful presence in one of the sensitive and vital projects of Iran. The very good news about the next models of Bavar 373 will be published soon by high-ranking officials of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the commander noted.

Referring to the construction of a more advanced version of the Bavar 373 system, he stated: "This project is underway, which is a joint work between the technical and operational capability of the force and domestic industries."

"This shows that in using equipment with new capabilities, we are pioneers and update ourselves daily in different areas according to new threats. Technological threats require new and up-to-date equipment, and one of this equipment is the 373 Bavar system," Khoshgalb highlighted.

The top military official underlined that in the future, the depth of discovery of this system will be multiplied and it will be given a suitable depth in the field of conflict. Technical and operational tests are underway in this regard.


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