Dushanbe (IP) – Iran's Minister of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare said that given the agreements reached between Iran and Tajikistan and the development of bilateral economic and social relations, it is the duty of the two ministries to implement the memoranda of understanding.

Iran PressAsia: Hojjat Abdolmaleki, who traveled to Tajikistan with the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, said in a meeting with Tajik Minister of Health and Social Protection Jamaluddin Abdullahzadeh: "President Raisi's administration has a special emphasis on developing relations with the countries of the region, and Tajikistan has always played an important role for Iran in regional relations."

He expressed readiness to cooperate with Tajikistan in all areas of common ground, especially social support and stated that the two countries have valuable experiences in the fields of welfare, rehabilitation services, and empowerment of the disabled.


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