Mohsen Baharvand, Iranian ambassador to Britain

London (IP) - Referring to the US unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal, the Iranian ambassador to Britain stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran did not trust the United States and stressed that the revival of the JCPOA requires the practical and verifiable lifting of sanctions.

Iran Press / Europe: In an interview with the Russian Television Network, Mohsen Baharvand stated that the Islamic Republic is taking a negotiating approach to resolving its disputes with other countries, and regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action," we think we should resolve with other parties."

He added: "We need to ensure that if someone like Trump took power in the United States again, he would not destroy the outcome of the negotiations."

Bahravand stressed that Iran is not going to talk about the region and other issues that have nothing to do with the JCPOA and the nuclear talks. "

"We must also see the practical action of other JPOA participants in lifting the sanctions because we cannot be a member of the agreement and accept its obligations but at the same time be deprived of its benefits. There must be a balance between the obligations and the rights of JCPOA.

The Iranian ambassador to Britain stated that the demands of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the JCPOA negotiations, especially regarding its future and the guarantee of the American side, are quite reasonable.

Baharvand noted that trust in the United States has been lost and that they must remedy the situation.


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