Bandar Abbas (IP) – Commander-in-chief of the Iran Army said the strategic mission of the 75th Navy Flotilla put the world's arrogance in strategic confusion.

Iran PressIran news: Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi delivered a speech on Sunday morning at the welcoming ceremony of the 75th Navy Flotilla.

He said: "Everyone remembers that the emphasis of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces for the first time in December 2011 on the idea of ​​going to the Atlantic Ocean, and now we thank God Almighty who helped the Iranian sailors cross the Cape of Good Hope in the worst weather conditions and the enemy's propaganda and enter the Atlantic Ocean and carry out the order of the Leader."

Major General Mousavi emphasized: "This strategic action of the navy put the world arrogance in strategic confusion."

This successful mission showed that the will of the Iranian people had been strengthened, and no obstacle could stop this nation from extending its civilization to the sea, he said, adding: "Maximum sanctions have increased our power."

Top Iranian commanders welcome Iran's 75th Navy Flotilla

Iran's 75th Navy Flotilla, including the country's largest warship, IRINS Makran, and destroyer IRINS Sahand was officially welcomed by top Iranian commanders.

The two-ship Iranian Navy group returned home after traveling 44,000 km in the international waters through the West Coast of Africa and the Baltic Sea this summer and has returned home.

Iran's largest warship, IRINS Makran, and fully indigenized destroyer IRINS Sahand left the Middle East in May for a naval mission in the Indian Ocean, South Atlantic, and North Atlantic after 133 days of navigation to enhance naval authority, securing naval lines, and strengthening maritime diplomacy.


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