Tehran (IP) - The President of Iran, in a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday afternoon, emphasized: ,"Certainly, the political independence of Iran and France is a valuable resource for establishing a balanced, strong, and stable relationship between the two countries."

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi also welcomed the French President's proposal to review the relations between the two countries and start a new chapter in bilateral relations and regional cooperation between Tehran and Paris, saying: "The Iranian government welcomes the development of relations with France, especially in the economic and trade fields, and we are ready to start comprehensive cooperation with Europe from France."

"The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been to support the Iraqi people in establishing peace and tranquility in the region and to strengthen intra-regional cooperation to create security and tranquility in the region," Raisi said in response to the French president's remarks about the summit of Iraq's neighbors in Baghdad.

Regarding the efforts of countries in the region and the world to fight terrorism and ISIL, the Iranian president said that ISIL was created and supported by the Americans, adding: "Americans must respond to the public opinion of the world to support ISIL and the new terrorism."

Condemning the policies of some countries that divide terrorism into good and bad, Raisi stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran condemns terrorism in any form. In our view, there is no difference between ISIS in Iraq and ISIS in Syria and ISIS in Khorasan.

"The US has made a big mistake in Afghanistan, and the 20 years of occupation have been of no benefit to its people," Raisi said. 

"In the current situation, everyone must help form an inclusive government with the participation of all groups in Afghanistan and let the Afghan people decide their own destiny," he added.

Raisi also announced the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the formation of a strong government in Lebanon that can ensure and protect the rights of the Lebanese people and said: We will not withhold any humanitarian aid from the Lebanese people, and we are ready to cooperate with France for the progress and development of Lebanon.

Regarding the nuclear talks, the Iranian president also said: "We do not oppose useful negotiations, but the plan and result of the negotiations should be the lifting of sanctions against Iran. Negotiations are useless for negotiations."

Emphasizing the development and deepening of relations between Iran and France and the need to review the relations between the two countries, French President Emmanuel Macron said: "We must start a new movement with new axes in the relations between the two countries in bilateral fields and various political, economic, cultural and regional fields."

Referring to the recent developments in Afghanistan, the French President stressed: "I believe that the future government of Afghanistan must be the result of the national will of this country, and the Taliban in this country must adhere to issues such as human rights and international obligations."

Referring to the presence of Afghan refugees in Iran and the problems caused by it, Macron emphasized the assistance and cooperation of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees with Iran.

Referring to the situation in Lebanon and the difficult situation of the Lebanese people, he stressed the cooperation of France and Iran with Hezbollah in creating a strong and efficient government in this country.

Referring to the nuclear issue, the French president also expressed hope that the Vienna talks would resume with the presence of Iran.


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