Ida’s aftermath:
Swollen rivers threaten new flooding in parts of Northeast as storms kill dozens

The US National Weather Service anticipates area rivers will crest and overflow through Friday as Ida’s aftermath.

Iran PressAmerica: As the remnants of Hurricane Ida walloped the Northeast, killing more than 50 people, other areas are bracing for the storm’s impact as swollen rivers are threatening additional flooding. 

The National Hurricane Center had warned since Tuesday of the potential for "significant and life-threatening flash flooding" and major river flooding in the mid-Atlantic region and New England.

In Trenton, New Jersey, police officers were going door-to-door Wednesday night and Thursday morning encouraging residents to leave their homes in anticipation of the rising Delaware River. 

16 roads were closed and it has been warned that additional roads could be closed by Friday morning as the river continues to rise overnight. 

Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana as the fifth-strongest storm to ever hit the US mainland, leaving 1 million people without power – potentially for weeks. 


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