Documentary narrates Iran's 100 years of banking

Tehran (IP) - The unveiling ceremony of the 'Bank Melli Iran' documentary was held in the presence of senior managers and documentarians at the Iran Mall Cinema Campus.

Iran PressIran news: The documentary unveiled on Monday tells the story of nearly one hundred years of efforts to establish and promote the first popular bank of the country, narrated by Nasrollah Medghalchi. 

The 'Bank Melli Iran' documentary deals with the conditions of the establishment and formation of Bank Melli Iran in the early fourteenth century in the Iranian calendar, under the shadow of the financial influence of Britain and the Soviet Union in Iran.

Written and directed by Moein Karim al-Dini, the documentary was produced by Mehdi Mohammadi and the Green Afrang Film Institute.

The one-hour documentary makes use of historical written sources and new archival footage along with reproduced videos.

The music for the documentary is composed by Karen Homayounfar.

In this documentary, in addition to the establishment process of Bank Melli Iran, the modernization of the bank and application of the new technologies and banking services are also discussed.


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