Tehran (IP) – The proposed minister of energy said controlling and managing border waters and realizing the rights of border residents using active diplomacy and the support of the foreign ministry would be on the agenda of the ministry of energy.

Iran PressIran News: Attending the open session of the Iranian parliament on Wednesday afternoon, Ali-Akbar Mehrabian elaborated on his proposed plans and stated that he would try to activate stagnant projects with the priority of transferring water to consumers.

He noted that from now on, the private sector would be prioritized, and the transformation in the structure of the ministry of energy will be conducted by the young and the universities.

He claimed that if he receives the vote of confidence, he will compensate for the backlog and plan so that Iran would not go through any water shortage and power outage.

He also called the promotion of water governance based on justice and the rule of law and attention to deprived areas as his priorities.

The sessions of Iran's Parliament for the vote of confidence to the President Raisi's cabinet began on Saturday with his speech defending his administration's plans and suggested cabinet.

By the speech of Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Speaker of the Parliament, the procedure kicked off and will continue to the end of the vote of confidence.


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