Tehran (IP)- The competence of the proposed Minister of Health and Medical Education was examined in the public sessions of yesterday evening and Monday morning of Iran's Parliament.

Iran PressIran News:  At the beginning of the review, the report of the Health Commission on the review of the records, qualifications, and plans of the proposed Minister of Health was read.

Zahra Sheikhi Mobarakeh, the Spokeswoman for Iranian Parliament's Health Commission, read the report and said: "After reviewing the qualifications and compliance of the documents, records, and plans submitted by the proposed minister with the upstream documents of Mr. Bahram Einollahi, the commission unanimously approved him qualified for the post of Minister of Health.

In a report, the Education and Research Committee of Iran's Parliament announced the commission agreement with the proposed Minister of Health.

Reza Hajipour, the Spokesman of the Education and Research Commission, read this report and announced: "A review of the proposed programs of Dr. Einollahi shows that he has a good command of the country's medical education and treatment.

Considering that he has a relevant background, including the Deputy Minister of Education of the Ministry of Health and the director of Shahid Labbafinejad Hospital, as well as the numerous scientific researches that can be seen in his career, finally, due to his commitment to change the educational field of the Ministry of Health, the commission approved his proposal for the post of Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, by a majority of votes, the report added.

The session of Iran's Parliament for the vote of confidence to the proposed ministers of Ebrahim Raisi's cabinet began on Saturday in the presence of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran with a speech by the Speaker of the Parliament, and the procedure is still continuing. 


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