The US Capitol Police closed off several streets and evacuated government buildings near the Library of Congress after a man in a truck threatened security, claiming he had a bomb on his truck.

Iran PressAmerica: The police closed off several streets and sent alerts to congressional staff members, prompting evacuations.

 A man who claimed to have a bomb in a pickup outside the Library of Congress surrendered to the police on Thursday, after hours of negotiations and evacuations of several government buildings in the area.

The man surrendered peacefully, Chief J. Thomas Manger of the Capitol Police said.

“As far as we can tell it was just his decision to surrender,” he said. Chief Manger identified the man as Floyd Roy Roseberry and said it appeared that he acted alone.

Floyd Roy Roseberry, 49, drove a black pickup onto the sidewalk of the Library of Congress at about 9:15 Thursday morning, and officers then responded to a disturbance call, Chief Manger said. 219