Tehran (IP) - Member of the Cultural Commission of the Iranian Parliament said the ministries of 7 industrialized countries are obliged to present their documents on the alleged attack on the merchant ship Mercer Street, not just bullying claims.

Iran PressIran news: On the sidelines of Sunday’s open session of the parliament and in an interview with Iran Press on the parliament's stance on 7 industrialized countries' statement condemning the attack on an Israeli tanker, Amir-Hossein Ghazizadeh-Hashemi stated: "The power-hungry and materialistic countries  of the world are accustomed to accusing countries based on no reason and putting them under political and security pressure."

He noted that bullying countries have already made such statements about Libya, Syria, and Iraq and have made those baseless allegations to issue the UN resolutions.

"Such statements have been made in support of the Israeli regime, which is a master of cruelty," he concluded.


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