Deputy Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nation warned the Israeli regime against political brinkmanship and adventurism in the West Asia region.

Iran PressAmerica: Ambassador Zahra Ershadi made the remarks while talking to reporters after the closed-door meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the recent incident for Mercer vessels in the Sea of Oman.

She said that Iran would never hesitate in defending and protecting its national interests.

Her remarks came as a reaction to threats posed to Iran by the Zionist regime war minister.

The senior Iranian diplomat said that the belligerent Zionist regime was continuing to boldly threaten that it would resort to aggression against the regional countries while it has been the main source of menace, instability, and insecurity in the region for the past seven decades.

"We just heard a distorted statement about the Mercer Street vessel incident. Let me say a few words about it. First, our thoughts are with the families of those who have lost their loved ones in that unfortunate incident. Immediately following this event, Israeli officials accused Iran of the incident. This is what they usually do," She added.

She further stated, "It is a standard practice of the Israeli regime. It aims to divert the attention of the world's public opinion from the regime’s crimes and inhumane practices in the region. To that end, they accuse others of wrongdoing. In almost all incidents in the Middle East, Israel accuses Iran. They do it immediately and provide no evidence."

Ershadi went on to say, "Playing victim, lying and deception are part of their toolbox. Israel’s hue and cry on the Mercer Street incident are aimed, in particular, at hiding its terrorist acts against commercial navigation."

"Only in less than two years, this regime has attacked over 10 commercial vessels in regional seas," she said.

She added, "On 17 January 2021, the Syrian Prime Minister stated that 7 oil tankers en route to Syria were attacked. Israel was behind these incidents that caused a serious fuel shortage in Syria." 

"On 11 March 2021, mainstream media outlets reported that Israel targeted at least a dozen vessels bound for Syria, mostly carrying oil."

"On 23 April 2021, an oil tanker off Syria’s coast was attacked by a drone. Three Syrians including two members of the crew were killed. Again, Israel was responsible for the attack." "These are only a few examples of adventurism and destabilizing activities of the Israeli regime at regional seas. Such unlawful and terrorist acts seriously threaten maritime security, disrupt freedom of navigation and endanger energy security. Likewise, Israel continues its systematic and persistent aggression against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of regional countries. These illegal acts constitute a serious threat to regional and international peace and security. The latest example is its recent airstrike in Lebanon."

She considered the aggressions as gross violations of international law and the UN Charter which shall not go unpunished.

The Iranian envoy stated, "The Security Council must prevent Israel’s unbridled adventurism in the region. The Security Council must also prove that it is not trapped by Israel’s deceptions and fabrications."

"Iran categorically rejects the unfounded accusation of Israel on the Mercer Street vessel incident as we have written in our recent letter to the Council’s President," she said.

Elsewhere in her remarks, Ershadi said, "The Israeli regime cannot whitewash its destabilizing practices and vicious policies by blaming and accusing others. This regime has been the main source of threat, instability, and insecurity in the region for over 7 decades."

Referring to Israel's nuclear arsenal, she added, "Israel's weapons of mass destruction continue to endanger the entire region. It is the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the region. It is also the only non-party to the NPT in the region and its dangerous nuclear facilities and activities are not under the IAEA’s comprehensive safeguards."

"The Israeli regime also continues to brazenly threaten to use force against regional States. Again, yesterday its defense minister threatened to use force against Iran," she said, referring to the fearmongering policies of the Zionist regime.

She concluded, "Iran warns against any adventurism and miscalculations. Yet, it will not hesitate to defend itself and secure its national interests."