Tehran(IP): Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology called the Parliament's plan entitled “Protecting Users' Rights in Cyberspace and Organising Social Media” both necessary and at the same time not capable of meeting the needs and achieving its goals but at that same time modifiable by parliament.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, referred to the parliament's plan on organizing the social media, saying: "There have been many discussion on the nature and necessity of this measure and the upcoming effects of it. There have been also considerations discussed on the legalizing the related activities."

Azari-Jahromi went on to call designing the legal framework for Iran's cyberspace as the necessary measure. However, he said: "But taking such approach to the issue including the way it would be handled ... I should say that the procedures considered within the framework cannot meet the needs and achieve the goals which have been set."

Azari-Jahromi further explained that despite the negative impacts of the plan and the fact that it might not achieve the expected objectives, since the Parliament has delegated the responsibility of reviewing it to the relevant specialized commission, the proposed plan should undergo some modifications.

Furthermore, he went on to stress that the parliament, too, has voiced readiness to receive probable criticism or any suggestions in this regard so that in the end, it would secure the public rights and would be to their benefit.


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