Taliban spox.:

A Taliban spokesman in Afghanistan has denied some reports of Taliban mistreatment of the Afghan people and refugees.

Iran PressAsia: Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban's spokesman in Afghanistan, in a telephone interview with Iran Press said that the Taliban respected Islamic law during the war and paid attention to that.

He stressed that at certain times when the risk of war was serious, Afghans were asked to leave their homes temporarily.

He said that only in some parts of Afghanistan, such as Kandahar, the war intensifies from time to time and the purpose of spreading news of the Taliban's mistreatment of the Afghan people and refugees is to broadcast propaganda.

The Afghan government and some news sources stated that the Taliban did not treat the Afghan people and refugees well.

The Taliban have taken control of parts of Afghanistan and at the same time, a number of people in this country have been displaced.


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