Tehran (IP) – The four-volume book collection "Capable Iran," which elaborates the country's capabilities by city and province, was unveiled.

Iran PressIran news: In an interview with Iran Press, the Head of the election campaign of the Iranian president-elect Ebrahim Raisi and the compiler of "Capable Iran" book collection, Habibollah Golmohammadi, said: "By asking several questions, the issues and problems of the country were pursued up and the main problems of each province were collected and analyzed in special committees."

He stated that using more than 70 doctoral students in each province and city; these problems were scientifically studied.

Noting that the plan started its work a year ago in the form of a people's organization, he said: "Capable Iran created various networks in the provinces, and people at the top of the networks raised and examined the issues of their own province."

He said that "Capable Iran" has considered all the country's capabilities, including power, security, scientific talents, huge capacities of the country, and public mobilization.

According to him, the Iranian President-elect Ebrahim Raisi's perspective is the contribution of the people in all issues.

Golmohammadi pointed out that one of the goals of "Capable Iran" programs is to form a council and study and analyze ideas in a think tank and to form a committee for dialogue, content, and preparing the cyberspace in the field of foreign and domestic policy to solve Iranian society's problems.

He added that another axis of "Capable Iran" was regional integration and trade relations with some friendly countries, allies, and countries with common interests with Iran, which can help solve Iran's problems in critical situations.


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