Iraq's "Zulfiqar" resistance group issued a statement saying: "The fighting will continue until the destruction of the foreign occupiers and their mercenaries."

Iran PressMiddle East: The statement said, "It is strange that the occupiers rudely insult the dignity of Iraqi people; But strangely enough, some Iraqi officials are defending the oppressive occupiers."

"Surprisingly (the occupiers) speak as if they have a share in our homeland! No, I swear to God, the struggle will continue until the last of you and your mercenaries are expelled from the homeland," it added.

The group called on everyone to take revenge on the occupiers and said that delay is not allowed.

"Almost 550 days have passed since the violation of the sanctity of the homeland with the shameful assassination of the commanders of victory in the homeland, and some compromising Iraqi politicians are still thinking about their interests," Zulfiqar resistance group concluded.