Iran's envoy reacts to unsubstantial claims of Saudi representative in Vienna

Vienna (IP) – Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to Vienna-based international organizations responded to the unsubstantial claims of the Saudi representative in Vienna.

Iran Press/Europe: In his Twitter account, Kazem Gharibabadi stated on Thursday: "For the King of the Saudi Arabia, the International Atomic Energy Agency is not being provided with even minimum necessary verification authorities. A failure to implement the safeguards by rescinding the Small Quantities Protocols, could allow them to hide certain nuclear activities without them being subject to the IAEA inspections."

The Saudi regime's representative to the IAEA had accused Iran of trying to acquire a nuclear weapon, claiming that Tehran's tension-making did not match statements about the peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

Later, Iran's envoy to IAEA regarding the production of silicide fuel, for Tehran Research Reactor has sais that artificial concerns about Iran's production of small quantities of uranium by some parties to JCPOA are unacceptable.

Also, Saeed Khatibzadeh, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman in response to the statement of Britain, France, and Germany Foreign Ministries who expressed concern over Iran's decision to produce 20% uranium silicon fuel, said that the decision of the Islamic Republic of Iran to produce silicon fuel plate using 20% ​​enriched uranium is for peaceful purposes of Tehran research reactor.


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