Resuming the trial of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (​IMN), a Kaduna State high court has fixed 28, July 2021 as the day of delivering the verdict on "no-case submission" in the trial of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenat, who have been facing many charges by the Nigerian government, bordering on alleged culpable homicide, unlawful assembly and disruption of the public peace, among others.

Iran PressAfrica: Counsel to the defendants, Femi Falana, urged the court to dismiss the case because the government has failed to present evidence that the ​IMN leader is guilty. 

Among the witnesses who testified against the IMN leader were two Army officers, a retired director of State Security Service (SSS), police officers and a medical doctor.

Falana had earlier filed a no case submission and asked the court to dismiss the charges leveled against them as there was no criminal case so far that had been established against the defendants by the Kaduna State government .
Femi Falana also reminded the court that more than 200 people, who were all accused of conspiring with Sheikh Zakzaky in committing the crimes mentioned,  were acquitted and released by the court. 
Therefore, he urged the court to dismiss the case and release his client.

Finally, the judge closed the court sitting by fixing 28 July 2021 as delivering the final verdict.
In 2016, Abuja High Court ordered the release of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife and ordered the Nigerian government to pay the couple 50 million Naira for what the Court called "unlawful detention." But Nigerian government under President Buhari refused to obey the court order.


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