The US House of Representatives on Tuesday night revoked two war licenses, both related to the West Asian wars over the past years, in a bid to limit the US presidential powers.

Iran PressAmerica: According to Hill, the House of Representatives, with 366 votes in favor and 46 against, revoked part of a package of seven controversial bills authorizing the 1991 military action and war on Iraq.

The US House of Representatives voted decisively on Tuesday to pass a seven-bill package that included revoking some military powers granted to the president—like an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) to stave off Soviet influence in the Middle East that's been in place since 1957.

The revocation of military action permits by the House of Representatives comes as US President Joe Biden recently ordered airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against resistance groups.

Military action permits issued in the United States allow the president to take military action against any country or group without the approval of Congress. 219