Tehran (IP) – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that the US had made every effort to destroy the JCPOA; Still, Iran and the Iranian people had played their role in maintaining it.

Iran PressIran News: Saeed Khatibzadeh on Monday referred to the situation in Afghanistan and explained: "We are in talks with various Afghan parties and believe that preserving the territorial integrity and national unity and respecting the rights of minorities and the achievements of the Afghan people over the past two decades and genuine inter-Afghan dialogue is the only solution for Afghanistan."

"We have always said that we are ready to facilitate talks," he added.

He noted that the Taliban is not and will not be all of Afghanistan and is only part of Afghanistan's future solution.

Pointing out that the security of Iran and Afghanistan is seriously interconnected, he added that it is natural for Iran to follow developments in Afghanistan closely.

Regarding the presence of the Iranian tanker in Lebanon, he underlined that the Iranian government stands by the Lebanese government and people and will not withhold any assistance.

On the Vienna talks and whether the official representative of the elected administration in Iran will attend the talks if the talks continue, Khatibzadeh highlighted that it did not matter when and in which administration an agreement would be reached.

He added that Iran would not delay even one hour when the agreement was finalized by all parties, noting the importance of ensuring the interests of Iran and the Iranian people through dialogue.

"The decision on this issue is not up to this and that administrations; they are just part of the decision-making process," he explained.

"If the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is alive today, it is because of Iran, and if the JCPOA is being discussed today, it is because of the decision that Iran made after the withdrawal of the United States and the inactions of the other sides. Iran and the Iranian people have played their part in maintaining the deal. The United States has made every effort to destroy the deal, and we have witnessed the hypocritical and bullying behavior of the US," he concluded.


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