As many as 150 Taliban members surrendered to local and security officials in the western Afghan province of Herat on Thursday, announcing their readiness to join the Afghan peace process.

Iran PressAsia: The Governor of Herat, Abdul Ghafour Ghane expressed hope that other Taliban members would also follow the movement and return to a peaceful life in the country. 

According to AVA Press, Ghane pointed out that the Taliban's war was not legitimate and that the group could not bear the long-term resistance against the national security forces.

Noting that the war brought about nothing but devastation and killing of innocent people, the governor of Herat called on the Taliban to join the Afghan national peace process and pave the way for the country's improvement. 

Meanwhile, the commander of the surrendered Taliban group Maulvi Haji Mardan recommended other members of the group stop fighting and violence and join the peace process so that they cause no more destruction in their country.

Following US President Joe Biden's order to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan by the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the process began in the last week of April and is still ongoing.

According to a statement of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) about 763 C-17 loads have moved out of the country since President Joe Biden on April 14 announced the end of the war in Afghanistan.


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