Resistance has upper hand in region: Hamas

Qom (IP) - The head of Hamas office in Tehran says Resistance has the upper hand in the region and no project is completed in the region unless Resistance confirms it.

Iran PressIran news: Delivering a speech in 'Al-Quds Sword Battle; Resistance Axis and Defending Al-Aqsa Mosque' conference held on Thursday in Qom, south of Tehran, Khaled al-Qoddumi pointed to Resistance Axis as a major factor in the fight against the Israeli regime. 

Al-Qoddumi noted that what was associated with the Resistance including thought and defense could no longer be ignored in the world. 

"This is the beginning of the defeat and isolation of Israeli's narrative and view, which always considered itself rightful," he pointed out.

He highlighted that Resistance was not confined to Gaza but spread across Palestine as a red line and note: "Resistance, from the sea to the river, is revered everywhere as a sign of respect, and no one allows their rights, lives, and property to be violated anywhere across of Palestine."

"The battle for the liberation of Palestine has begun with these political, military, and field achievements, which portray the right of the Palestinians as the symbol of justice in the world, will be the beginning of the battle for the complete liberation of Palestine," Hamas envoy to Tehran said.

'Al-Quds Sword Battle; Resistance Axis and Defending Al-Aqsa Mosque' conference was kicked off on Thursday in Qom with figures from 10 countries delivering speeches. 


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