IRTU: Seizure of the freedom seeking websites signals Us administration inability

Tehran (IP) - Reacting to measure of the US Department of Justice to block the website of Press TV, Al-Alam, Al-Kawthar and Al-Masira with irrational and false excuses, Islamic Radios and Television Union in a statement while condemning the move, called it as the sign of US inability to fight against the spread of truth.

Iran PressIran news: Condemning the move, the statement said: "Being present in the forefront against US terrorist policies is source of pride and honor."

The statement continued to say that this all dedicated the best active and at the same time effective role of the member media of the Union to support the oppressed nations, Palestinian issue and raising awareness of the nations despite having limited financial resources.

Elsewhere the statement also called the seizure of websites used by the Iranian Islamic Radio and Television Union the sign of the US administration's inability to fight and tolerate the spread of the truth by the websites and the networks which are trying to reflect their real mischievous face around the globe and cutting their hands off the region.

"The United States of America have always provided justification for its intervention in the world under the pretext of so-called- human rights. It is also trying to shut the mouths of freedom-seeking people and suppressing their voices, so that it tries to legitimize its crimes," it added.

The statement also stressed that US unilateral dominance over the world of technology would not last for long and the US policy to suppress the media and filtering the truth would fail.

The statement concluded that the immoral measure by US would be dealt with properly and all of the blocked websites would be restored and back to their normal activity through rich experience in this regard.


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