Tehran (IP) – Iran's national bodybuilding and fitness team will participate in the world competitions in Spain.

Iran PressIran News: The Head of Iran's Bodybuilding Federation, Abdolmehdi Nasirzadeh, announced in a press conference this morning that the Iranian national bodybuilding and fitness team would leave Tehran for Spain on June 30.

He stated that at the request of the Spanish authorities, the Iranian national team and the technical staff had taken the COVID vaccine, and the Spanish embassy had promised to cooperate in issuing visas.

"Right now, the Iranian national powerlifting team is waiting for a Lithuanian visa to participate in the World University Classic Powerlifting Cup in Lithuania, and the Iranian strongest men's team, consisting of 12 athletes, has left for the UAE international competitions this morning," he noted.

Following the press conference, the head of the convoy to be sent to Spain, Hossein Rajabi, also stated that the technical staff is optimistic about the good results of the national team.

He pointed out that the Iranian bodybuilding and fitness national team had undergone good training and can achieve good results in Spain.

The world games in Spain will be held in bodybuilding, fitness, physique, classic body, and classic physique from July 1 to 3 in Santa Susana.

Four Iranian fitness athletes and eight Iranian bodybuilding athletes will participate in the competitions.


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