Tehran (IP) - Spokesman for Iran's government said on Tuesday that the 13th Presidential election in Iran which was held energetic with people's participation conveyed a very important message of a "Big No" to those behind the sanctions against the Iranian nation.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at his weekly presser and congratulating Iran's President-elect Ebrahim Raisi, the spokesman said that the energetic presidential election held in Iran had one important message, which is "No" to those behind the sanctions, including those who were supporting US maximum pressure.   

Achievement of Constitutionalism has been rediscovered

"Our republic has been preserved for many years along with the existing historical turmoil," the spokesman said. "The achievement of the Constitutionalism has been rediscovered to this day, that is, the ballot boxes. In addition, in this election period, the observance of dissent and tolerance was significant both among the candidates' supporters and among the candidates."

He stated: "One of the examples of moral confrontation with the election campaign was the behaviour of those candidates who came to the scene to participate in this campaign but did not get the opportunity and withdrew with dignity and decency. Therefore, it can be said that ethics decency were also eye-catching among the candidates and their supporters."

Paying respect to Imam Reza as part of Iranians' identity

Iran's government spokesman congratulated the birthday anniversary of Imam Reza (PBUH), who is the eighth Shia Imam, saying that paying respect to him is part of Iranian nations' identity.

Every government is another link in the political system 

Ali Rabiee added: "One of the harms in some past periods was the lack of continuity of the legacy of previous governments."

Iran's government spokesman also highlighted that every government certainly has positive and negative effects on its record. "Still, it also has valuable experiences that the twelfth government will transfer to the government of Mr Raisi."

He explained further that this issue was discussed in two cabinet meetings and the meeting of the government's economic coordination headquarters, and the government will transfer this experience in regular programs.

"Every government is a link in the chain of a political system, and we need a political system that goes hand in hand to ensure the society's growth and keep this chain immune from breaking," he said.

Fighting coronavirus needs the cooperation of all branches of powers 

Referring to the current government's efforts in combating COVID-19 and sanctions, Rabiei called the consensus of the elites a principle for overcoming difficult conditions.

He said: "However, the effects of sanctions on Iran remain for years and overcoming these difficult conditions and overcoming structural effects and socializing and tackling the combined problems of sanctions and COVID-19 requires the help and cooperation of all branches of powers and institutions, and this is an inevitable necessity."


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