Vienna (IP) - Iran's top negotiator in Vienna talks and Deputy Foreign Minister said on Sunday that the agreement on the JCPOA revival is within reach more than ever before and all of the documents of the agreement are almost ready.

Iran PressEurope: "We are closer to an agreement than ever before, but bridging the gap between us and the agreement requires decisions that largely should be made by the other parties," he said.

Abbas Araghchi, before the meeting of the Joint Commission of JCPOA that will convene some houses later, said: "Today is the last day of the sixth round of talks. We have gone through very busy days, and we are now in a situation where we think that all the documents of the agreement are almost ready."

"Among the main disputed issues, some have been resolved, and some have not been resolved, and these issues have taken on a precise form, and it is well defined what the dimensions of the dispute are," Araghchi stated.

Iran’s chief negotiator in the Vienna talks, stating that the time has come for the parties to make a decision, said: "The scene of negotiations and a possible agreement is quite clear, and the other parties must make their own decisions."

He further highlighted: “It is now clear in what areas what is possible and what is not, so there is a time when all parties, especially the other side, must make their final decision.”

He added: "For a few days, I can not say exactly how many days it will be; we will stop the talks and return to the capitals not only for further consultations but also for decisions."

"My colleagues had tough days and have been working on the documents until late at night. They worked on the last sheet of documents and the answers that had to be given until 2 am last night," Araghchi said. "However, indirect negotiation is not an easy task, and it is necessary to work much more carefully and in detail to avoid misunderstandings."

The Deputy Foreign Minister said: "Today, a meeting of the Joint Commission will be held. We will have a summary of the work done so far, and we will return to Tehran tonight."

In response to a question about the progress of the negotiations on key issues in the sixth round of talks, he said: "We had progressed in each round of negotiations, and this progress has been less in some periods and more in others. We made good progress this round."

"Now we are closer to an agreement than ever, but bridging the gap between us and the agreement is not an easy task, and it requires decisions that must be made mainly by the other side," Araghchi said.

Finally, he expressed hope that in the next round, Iran would be able to cover the remaining short distance despite the difficult and rocky road to reach a final conclusion.


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