Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Interior Minister said that someone who had decided to sabotage the election was arrested immediately, and there was no particular problem.

Iran PressIran News: Hossein Zolfaghari on Saturday in his press conference in response to Iran Press said that some people have been arrested who affiliated to the foreigners intending to sabotage the election inside Iran.

Zolfaghari said that extensive planning was done to maintain security in the elections.

The Deputy Interior Minister for Security and Law Enforcement emphasized that with the intelligence elites across the borders and inside the country, we did not have any security incidents during the elections, and all forces across the country were fully prepared.

Iran's Deputy Interior Minister for Security stated that 300,000 people were directly responsible for securing polling stations on election day, and more than 300,000 were responsible for securing borders, cities, villages, and roads.


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