Paris (IP) - Pouya Hosseinzadeh, a young Iranian designer, won the Paris Design Awards 2021 International Award as the Iranian representative by designing a "self-healing breathing mask." 

Iran PressIran news: Pouya Hosseinzadeh is a product designer, illustrator and instructor of industrial illustration and design courses. He has won design awards from IDA USA, A'Design Italy, EPDA Hungary, Worldskills Brazil and is an inventor and member of Iran's National Elite Foundation.

The Hoito is a multipurpose facial covering, prevents not only the transmission of harmful gases, viruses, and infections to the respiratory tract but also using the intelligent mechanism of the medication spray system, which allows the people who need to receive their medicine dose at a specific time without the hand contact. 

The accompanying software can be used to schedule times that medicine can be sprayed towards the wearer for those who have preexisting medical conditions to perform dosing in a contact-free manner.


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