Zamfara (IP) - In a series of deadly attacks by bandits on Saturday in a several villages in Zamfara state in north western Nigeria, at least 62 villagers were killed, Iran Press correspondent in the country reported.

Iran Press/Africa: Also according to the local media on Friday at least 90 people were killed by armed men in northwestern Nigeria.

The attacks, which took place on Saturday in villages in Zamfara state, were the latest in a spate of deadly attacks and mass kidnappings the region has seen in recent months.

Gunmen have ramped up attacks in the country's northwest region forcing thousands of people to flee to neighboring Niger.

The security situation in the northwest and central Nigeria remains fragile.

The region has also been hit by a wave of criminal gangs kidnapping children in the hopes of securing ransom. More than 700 children and students have been kidnapped for ransom since December.


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