Presidential candidate:

Tehran (IP) - The candidate of Iran's 13th Presidential Election stressed justice, freedom, and the fight against corruption and discrimination in leading the country to progress.

Iran PressIran News: As a part of his election campaign plans, Alireza Zakani said on Friday that Iran was ahead of the world in terms of ideas but lagged behind in terms of services.

Speaking in a meeting with various groups of people in Tehran, Zakani also stressed that economic and administrative corruption must be fought against to achieve a surge in production.

"In the economy, for example, production surge is necessary and obstacles on the way of production must be eliminated," Zakani added. 

With regard to the social welfare sector, Zakani stated his administration would pay special attention to the development of health and vitality, stressing the priority of prevention of diseases over treatment.

He said that politics, and security as well as the realization of religious democracy were considered as the important pillars of his "Action and Transformation" government.

The candidate for the 13th Presidential Election said that in terms of foreign policy, his administration would be also pursuing active and intelligent diplomacy in order to make good use of all global opportunities.


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