Tehran (IP) - Iran's President on Thursday appreciates his Russian counterpart's efforts for bilateral cooperation in the different areas, calling Russia as an important and friendly country for Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Before issuing the order to start the construction of Sirik power plant in Minab city of Hormozgan province via videoconferencing, Rouhani appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of Energy and all those involved in the field of water and electricity, both public and private, to achieve national projects in this sector.

Important in the development of the country, he said: "The important project of Sirik power plant is of great importance due to the friendly and close relations between Iran and the northern neighbor, the Russian Federation."

Referring to the good relations between Iran and Russia over the past years, the President added: "In the last 8 years, the relations between the two countries have developed in various fields.

Rouhani went on to appreciate Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, due to all the efforts which have been done in the political, economic and regional aspects.

Rouhani added: "Iran and Russia have very important cooperation in the field of Syria and important tripartite cooperation in the field of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus. We also have very good cooperation in the field of Eurasia with Russia and member states"

" In the field of legal regime of the Caspian Sea, we have taken very important steps with friendly countries, including Russia." added the President.

The President also referred to the cooperation between Iran and Russia in the field of military and defense issues, as well as the construction of two nuclear power plants, and added: "Our relations with Russia have become much broader than before, and efforts are underway with Russia to revive JCPOA."

And the development of relations with the important neighboring country of Russia will be in the interest of the two nations and certainly in the interest of the region and global issues.

Referring to the agreement between Iran and Russia on the implementation of joint projects, including power plants and railways in Iran, Rouhani said: "Fortunately, moves in this direction have begun. Of course, we expected this project to start a little earlier, but some problems caused these plans to start with a delay.

Four water and electricity industry projects in the three provinces of Hormozgan, Ilam and Kermanshah worth of 41 thousand and 988 billion Tomans inaugurated via videoconferencing with Iran's President and Minister of Energy, Reza Ardakanian in attendance on Thursday.

Rouhani urges respect for women

Iran's President said on Thursday that women deserve respect and highlighted that they should be respected.

Referring to the Auspicious birthday anniversary of Hazrat Fatimah Masuma (SA) which is called as the day of the girls in Iran, Rouhani stated that all that has ordered by Allah the All Mighty has been realized for women and girls in Islamic Republic of Iran, though Rouhani stressed that the other key issues like gender equality has long run to succeed in Iran.

Last steps to be taken to remove sanctions

Iran's President said on Thursday that the sanctions will be broken soon and the few remaining issues are going to be resolved and Breaking Sanctions in 2021 is the last step.

Iran's President referred to the hard ship faced by Islamic Republic of Iran in the last four years due to Trump's anti-Iran policies and sanction saying that not economic warfare nor COVID-19 could stop Iran from making further efforts and development.

Elsewhere, The President said: "We have always emphasized constructive interaction and said that the solution is to produce and work inside, but we should not live in isolation."

He went on to reiterate:" We are in touch with our friendly countries and especially our neighbors."

Referring to the coordination between Iran, Russia and China in Vienna, Rouhani said: "This government had once broken the sanctions once in 2015 and again in 2021. It is our duty and we will do it."

Breaking Sanctions in 2021 is the last step. Our people know that sanctions will be lifted, the United States will have to lift them, and it has come to the negotiating table. Most of the issues have been resolved and the few remaining issues will be resolved, and God willing, the sanctions will be broken and people can see better conditions in their lives.


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