The Minister of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Tajikistan's Minister of Finance met to discuss ways to expand cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, energy, investment and industry.

Iran Press/ Asia: Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian and Tajik Finance Minister Fayziddin Qahhorda met in Dushanbe to stress that the two countries have great potential for expanding cooperation in various fields.

At the fourteenth session of the Joint Commission on Trade, Economic, Technical and Cultural Cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan, the Minister of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: "Implementation of the signed agreements requires a more serious will by both parties."

Welcoming the request and proposal of the Tajik side to expand Iran's industrial investments in Tajikistan using the country's labor force and primary resources, Reza Ardakanian added that solving banking problems is a prerequisite for the development of Iranian investments.

"Now, there is a special momentum in the promotion and development of relations between the two countries," said Daler Juma, the Tajik chairman of the Iran-Tajikistan Joint Economic Cooperation Commission. 219